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Prowler Baseball Hats

The ProTeam Hatwler Baseball Hat can be purchased at
Legends Sporting Goods.

Every player 7 - 19 to receive their own batting helmet

Batting HelmetsNo Additional Charge
Player safety issue
Eliminate sharing helmets
Limit direct contact with head & face
Limit allergic reactions players may have

Twins Play Ball Videos

Things that can be done at home!!

Hitting off a Tee

Good read on the benefits of hitting off a tee.

Baseball Savings

Good deals on equipment!!

J-Band Exercise Training for 12 and Under

Trainings and exercises within the link

J-Band Exercise Training for 13 and Over

Trainings and exercises within the link

Long Toss Program

Good way to Social Distance!

Things to Have at Home

Baseballs, Glove, Bat, Hitting Tee, Hitting Net or some sort of tarp.

Where to get equipment?

Visit and support one of our Sponsors:

Legends Sporting Goods for your equipment needs

Gettin' Dirty

One Way to Become a DirtBag

2021 DirtBag Days

June 11-12

12U Omaha Trip

Xavier Gonzales


Phone: 2186881770

Ross Dalzell

Baseball Director

Phone: 218-686-0983

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Sean Myhrer

Baseball Director

Phone: 218-686-2182